To My Supporters,

We've reached the end of the race and the place where we take stock of what we've accomplished. I entered the race with the sole intention of bringing a new perspective on how best to guide Ann Arbor's future. I truly believed in the message and the policy ideas you, my supporters, helped me promote to our fellow Ann Arborites. Our city is a better place for having brought fresh ideas to the discussion of where we would like to go as a city and how we can best get there.

From the very beginning of this race, I was overwhelmed and touched by the willingness of many others to help promote my ideas more widely, even at the expense of valuable personal time. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who supported me, in small ways and large. Your awareness and activism is critical to our future and a shining example to the young people who are such a significant part of Ann Arbor.

Of course we would like to have won—that was the goal—but it is worth all the sacrifices simply to be a critical part of the democratic process. A healthy democracy is one that brings more voices to the public sphere, and I'm pleased to have been able to do this in my run for mayor of Ann Arbor. If we are true to ourselves and our purpose is noble and we fight the good fight, we cannot truly lose. On the journey we have changed ourselves and our community for the better.

Warmest Regards,
      Sally Petersen

Sally Hart


Democrat For Mayor of Ann Arbor

This mayoral election represents an opportunity for Ann Arbor residents to vote on a new course and direction for our city. As YOUR mayor, I will strive to do what is best for the city and to do my best to see that all residents thrive and prosper. It is time to challenge the status quo. It is time for a new face of city leadership.

Get to know Sally Hart Petersen personally! Watch the video for a handy summary of Sally's positions and background.

Recorded for the City of Ann Arbor and CTN, Community Television Network (A2CitiTV)
The original video is here.

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Endorses Sally for Mayor

Members cited Sally's business background, her support of economic development initiatives and her willingness to collaborate with the community as reasons for their endorsement.

    — Executive Officer Nancy Merdzinski

Left to right: Nancy Merdzinski, Sharon McGill, Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee, Sally, and Brad Segall
Team Sally mustering at the Ann Arbor Independence Day Parade

I am running for Mayor because I believe we can improve the level of city services for all residents through responsible growth while preserving the unique heritage and heart of Ann Arbor.

Sally in front of bell tower
Sally and family at a game

Our next Mayor needs to be creative and strategic in her approach to develop prudent economic policy, engage collaboratively with the University of Michigan and be relentless in civic engagement.

Today, we need a leader with full time energy and 24/7 commitment; someone with the ability to stay true to the values and aspirations of the community she serves. Someone with a fresh voice and vision willing to chart a new course for Ann Arbor.

Sally in marathon



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